Trackwork at Pukekura Raceway
Tuesday 13th February 2018
Course Proper. Track Dead 6. Markers out 20m 

Time honours today went to Valentia and Malo Bik who ran 1000m, coming in at 36.7 for the last 600. It was strong work.

Jazamour and a Pins ran 1200m covering the last 600 in 38.9.

John Wheeler jumps horses, Stormin’ Norman and Heistheone ran 1200 with the last 600 in 38.2. Both are coming to hand well.

Mastercourstman and an unnamed Guillotine/Hi Yo Wassup worked 1200 with a 600m of 37.8 recorded.

Irish Flame and Lion Red galloped 1200m for a 38.1 600m time. Irish Flame is being aired at the New Zealand Derby in March.

Rizza and Almosta worked 1200m with 600 for 37 even.

The Janelle Millar pair of Effectav and Won’t Back Down worked 1200m, covering the last 600m in 37.5 seconds.

Newstead and Audacity worked the 1200m with a 38.2 for the last 600.

Ladies First and Hoist worked right handed around the track over 1200m, with an even 37 for the last 600. Ladies First looked well and is progressing towards the Auckland Cup.

Burgundy, a youngster trained by Bryce Revell and a Guillotine worked 1200m with the last 600 37.4.

Heel B Jake and Dewlicious, from the Bryce Revell stables, trained over 1200m the 600m in 40.

Fascino Lass worked solo to record a 37.4 for the last 600m of a 1200m run.

BROUGHT TO YOU BY next race day at Pukekura Raceway, Revital Fertilisers Taranaki Cup Day, Thursday 1st March.

Editor -
Tuesday 13 February 2018