Trackwork at Pukekura Raceway
Tuesday 23rd May 2017
Course Proper. Markers Out 18m. Heavy. 

Darci Mac looked improved by his first up run when working solo over 1000m, the last 600m in 38.3. This was the fastest of the morning.

The Allan Sharrock pair, Jackson Road and Art Deco, also working a strong 1000m, the last 600 in 39.1. It was solid work.

Mialign ran a solid 1000m, the last 600m in 41.0. A winner at the recent jump out Mialign won’t take long to get in race day form.

Called Doubt, another jump out winner, ran 1600m, the last 600 in 39.4. Wet tracks won’t bother him.

The Janelle Millar pair, Koko Belle and Mistress Porotene ran 800m together, covering the last 600m in a respectable 39.8 seconds.

Their stablemates, Time Bomb and Ruby Love, did identical work, running the last 600m in a quicker 38.9 seconds. Time Bomb, in particular, looked to be working well.

Mendip and Alamacperson from the Wheeler Stable ran 1000m, in 41.9. Both were only average on race day, but should improve quickly.

Others to work, with their last 600m time noted were

Hard To Be Humble and Pretty Reckless (39.0)

Landlord and You’ll Do Me (39.5)

Light Em Up and The Way You Are (41.6)

Icehouse and Turncoat (38.6)

Was Not and Bachelor Date (42.3)

Devi and Jimmy Choux 2yo (41.3)

Rhythm Dancer (43.0)

Ladies Sister (40.2)

Red Rascal (40.6)

BROUGHT TO YOU BY next race day at Pukekura Raceway, Thursday 8th June.

Editor -
Tuesday 23 May 2017