Trackwork at New Plymouth Raceway
Tuesday 26th February 2019
Course Proper. Track Good. Rail out 22m. 

Excellent work from the Wheeler pair Irish Flare and Kirkenes who ran 21000m, the last 600 in 37.7.

Keltic Rockstar and Sinarahma ran similar work, the last 600 in 36.7. Keltic Rockstar made up plenty to run third last start and must win a maiden soon.

Rhiza was partnered by Jazamour over 1000m, the last 600 in 38.3.

Vincent and Aridity ran 1200m sprinting the last 600 in 37.1. This was good work.

Mastercourtsman and Wynthrope ran 1000m, the last 600 in 38.9. Both work attractively.

Whenharrymetsaddle was paired with Arapaho Princess over 1200m, the last 600 in 38.9. Whenharrymetsaddle was well held.

On the sand Lady Rudolph was joined by Benson running 38.8 for the last 600. Lady Rudolph may go to Awapuni on Friday.

BROUGHT TO YOU BY Autumn Racing at New Plymouth Raceway, Thursday 21st March 2019.



Editor -
Tuesday 26 February 2019