Trackwork at New Plymouth Raceway
Tuesday 19th November 2019
Course Proper. Markers inside. Track Slow 7. 

Please note: Our usual commentator is on leave, this week’s track report is a slimmed-down version.

All horses ran 1000 or 1200m. Their times below are for the last 600m.

Mars Bar and Sinarahma 36.8

Mal Dee and Broadway Brawler 35.4

Spondulix 40.1

Aratoka and Jazamour 36.9

Smarty Pants and La Strata 36.1

Tarabeebee and Yes I’m Royal 37.1

Here We Go 37.8

Regal Rock 37.3

Cape Blanco and Redwood 37.4

Call Doubt 36.2

Collinstreet 37.5

Conventina Bay and Whodaboss 33.7 (time honours)

Ekstrememiss 39.1

Monkey Shoulder and Gerda 37.2

Saigon Hot Night and Sir Caleb 36.2

Cleaver and The Barman Pays 37.1

Meila Rei (time to be provided)

Natty Roger and Club Mel 36.8

Gobuyit 37.3

Starry Sharza 37.3

Trackwork brought to you by LA NUOVA TWILIGHT FIESTA! Friday 22nd November.




Editor -
Tuesday 19 November 2019