Trackwork at New Plymouth Raceway
Tuesday 5th November 2019
Course Proper. Markers 7m. Track Good 3. 

With 13 heats of Jump Outs later in the session, only a few gallops of note this morning.

Time honours of the morning went to Tavi Mac and Sinarahma, who strode over 1000m, the last 600 in 34.8. Sinarahma is forward to resume.

Stablemates Collinstreet and London Express also worked very well over 1200m, the last 600 in 35.0. 

This time was equalled by Telluwhat who worked solo but appeared to work well.

Secret Squirrel, who is a model of consistency, worked alone over 1200m, the last 600 in a solid 36.1.

From the Patterson stable, Malo Bik and Coventina Bay worked over 1000m, the last 600 in a slick 35.8. Both have their hooves in the till.

Regal Rock worked solo over 1200m, the last 600 in a quick 35.1. It was a great gallop.

Aratoka was partnered by Tarabeebee over 1000m, home in 36.1. Both appeared to be working within themselves.

Stables mate Here We Go did identical work home in 36.4.

Trackwork brought to you by LA NUOVA TWILIGHT FIESTA! Friday 22nd November.



Editor -
Tuesday 5 November 2019