Trackwork at New Plymouth Raceway
Tuesday 13th August 2019
Course Proper. Markers 19m. Track Heavy 11 

The track was extremely testing and the times reflected the nature of the track, as nothing broke 41 seconds for the last 600m.

The Allan Sharrock pair of Penelope Cruise, and Art Deco, worked together, an even 1000m, the last 600 in 41.5. Art Deco will continue to be very competitive whilst the track remains heavy.

Also from the Sharrock barn, Foiling and Tellyawhat each worked solo over 1000m, the last 600 in 42.5, and 41.0 respectively. Tellyawhat has disappointed recently, but might improve at Te Rapa this week.

The Wheeler team were also at the track in force. Irish Flame and Zeefa Zed worked over 1400m, the last 600 in 45.6. Irish Flame also goes to Te Rapa on Saturday.

Irish Flare and Bubble Gum worked over 1000m, the last 600m in 41.5. Bubble Gum wasn’t disgraced in the Ryder and will win a race soon.

Kirkenes and Grinner were paired over 1400m, the last 600 in 43.5. For a prospective jumper Grinner has performed well this winter.

Hi I’m Nikita, preparing for a possible hit at the ITM Interprovincial on Saturday 24 August ran 1400m, the last 600m in 44.2. She has had a great winter.

From the Bolton team, Viva Lilli, Jazamour, and a Hallowed Crown ran 1000m, the last 600m in 41.1 and 41.5 respectively.

Trackwork brought to you by ITM INTERPROVINCIAL CHALLENGE RACE DAY, Saturday 28th August.



Editor -
Tuesday 13 August 2019